We make Harry Potter fans look good!
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The cast of Harry Potter don't look like this anymore

Actress Bonnie Wright who played Ginny Weasley has grown into a natural beauty.

No one can get over how handsome Matthew Lewis grew up to be.

Slytherin Marcus Flint has grown up to be VERY gorgeous.

Wow – we can't believe how different actor Harry Melling looks now compared to his days playing Dudley.

Gary Oldman is just as charming in real life as his character in Harry Potter of Sirius Black.

David Thewlis cleans up well when he's not playing werewolf Remus Lupin.

Actor Michael Gambon looks very different without the long white beard and wizard robes.

We hardly recognised Kenneth Branagh as Professor Lockhart in Harry Potter with that long hair.

Actor Ian Hart swaps the turban hiding Voldemort's face for a casual hat when he's not playing Professor Quirrell.

Robbie Coltrane is just as loveable as the Harry Potter character

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