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The 2020 Olympics Opening Ceremony could feature a flying car straight out of Harry Potter

The 2020 Opening Ceremonies could be getting a little more technical.

Tokyo, which is hosting the Olympics, hopes to light the Olympic cauldron via flying car according to Sports Illustrated.

Often countries opt to light the torch via human being, like Rio 2016, but that’s just so boring. The engineers of Japan have something better in mind, possibly inspired by the flying car in Harry Potter.

The car is going to be driven around the Olympic stadium, before being launched — or taking off — and flown to the cauldron.

The car won’t be remote-controlled, like a drone, which is what I visualized at first. It’s supposed to have room for one person to sit inside and control it. The company in charge of the design, Cart!vator, says it is supposedly the smallest flying car, at 3 meters long and 1.3 in width.

Currently, the car can’t fly for longer than five seconds. (For reference, the Wright Brothers flew 12 seconds their first flight. To be fair, the car is a lot more dense.)

There’s still more than three years to go — a lot can be accomplished in that time. There’s even the 2018 Winter Games first, maybe they can draw some inspiration from whatever PyeongChang decides to dish up.

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