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Major Bombshell: J.K. Rowling Has Revealed Daniel Radcliffe Is Chinese

Rowling’s announcement quickly blew up the internet, with thousands of people tweeting at the author with questions about Daniel Radcliffe’s Chinese heritage—wanting to know what region of China he’s from, if he speaks Mandarin when he’s at home with his family, what year the Radcliffes emigrated from China to England, and more. Rowling has yet to provide any further specifics, beyond confirming that the actor has absolutely zero traces of ancestry from any other country besides China.

Wow. We may never get another true installment of the Harry Potter series, but moments like this prove that the author still has a few surprises left up her sleeve. Not even the most diehard Potter fans could have predicted that Daniel Radcliffe is 100 percent Chinese. What an exciting moment for Potterheads everywhere!

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