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Did You Notice This Dirty Joke Hidden in 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'?

We were bound to miss something notable in the vast film franchise of Harry Potter, but who'd have thought it would be a dirty joke?

Hidden right in front of our eyes in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was an issue of The Daily Prophet with the hilarious headline, "Balls Judged 'Too Big'..." with the remainder of the text cut off.

It was a pretty innocent scene, Harry lounging casually on a swing and all, but at second glance, turns out it wasn't quite as wholesome as we all thought.

In truth, the cover story is in reference to tennis balls, a few words on a larger sports scandal. Still, there's no way this nasty little gem was unintentional. For a flick that steered clear of intimacy and sex to the utmost, the text might even be considered scandalous.

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