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9 Harry Potter Events Every Potterhead Should Check Out

At the end of the month, J.K. Rowling's stage play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, will be available in print for all to read. Thanks to the newest addition to Rowling's franchise, our Harry Potter obsessions have reawakened and are back with a vengeance. Personally, my passion for Harry Potter already takes up about a fifth of my brain, so you can understand my dismay when I realized seeing Rowling's new play in London was outside my realm of possibility. In an attempt to tame my magical nostalgia monster, I've found ten Harry Potter-themed events that don't require a trip across the Pond.

1 "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" Midnight Release Party


Barnes and Noble stores, nationwide That's right folks, we get another Harry Potter book release. Cue the nostalgia. While this release will be a bit different than the last one in 2007-- RIP puberty and Borders-- the overall excitement and magic will still be there. Get pumped.

2 Spellbound Festival

St. Bonaventure, NY Spellbound is a first time event combining academia and the magical world of Harry Potter into one fun-filled weekend. The festival is open to Harry Potter fans of all ages and includes Wizards Chess Tournaments, Quidditch matches, and Great Hall feasts.

3 PotterCon 2016

New York, NY This Harry Potter day drink includes a sorting ceremony, costume contest, and trivia with fellow Potterheads in NYC. What more could you want? The event is for 21+ and costs $10.00 in advance or $15.00 at the door. All proceeds go to the nonprofit organization, 826NYC.

4 Wizard Fest

For the second year in a row, this festival will feature an array of Harry Potter-themed events throughout quaint Bay City, MI. A downtown scavenger hunt, herbology classes, magic classes, and a film and book discussion are just a few daytime activities featured at the fest. A Wizard's Ball will also take place in evening.

5 Chestertown Harry Potter Festival

Chestertown, MD

Chestertown, MD will host its third annual Harry Potter Festival this year. Free weekend festivities will include a scholarly discussion with the author of Into the Pensieve: The Philosophy and Mythology of Harry Potter, Dr. Patrick McCauley, potions classes, themed street theater skits, and Quidditch matches. Ticketed events for the weekend include a Deathday Party and a Pub Event.

6 LeakyCon 2016

Los Angeles, CA

The first LeakyCon took place seven years ago in Boston, MA and has become an international celebration of all things Harry Potter. People from around the world come together to meet the stars and creative minds behind the Harry Potter franchise. A general pass for the event costs $250, making it the priciest option on this list, but for a true Potterhead the cost is totally worth it.

7 Edgerton's Harry Potter Festival

Edgerton, WI

The Edgerton festival begins October 21 with a viewing of the Harry Potter movies at the town's local library, a Sorcerer's Roller Skating in the Great Hall, and a Creature Walk. Other weekend events include a Horcrux Hunt, Mandrake Experience, Lightening Bolt Run, and a Tri Wizard Maze.

 Atlanta Potter Pub Crawl and Wizard's Ball

Atlanta, GA Atlanta's

Potter Pub Crawl occurs on November 18 and is hosted by four bars throughout the city, each featuring a particular Hogwarts house. Special themed shots will be provided and photo booths will be available throughout the night. The third annual Wizard Ball will take place the next night on November 19.

  Harry Potter Trivia Night

The Lockhart Bar, 1479 Dundas St. W, Toronto, Canada This one requires visiting our friendly neighbors up North, but definitely sounds like a blast. The Lockhart Bar is themed around Harry Potter on a daily basis, making it the perfect night out for any Harry Potter fan. Each Trivia Night focuses solely on one book in Rowling's series. The date of the Trivia Night is released in advance with three clues relating to whichever novel was chosen for the month. For example, the clues given out for May's trivia night were: "Time for tea," "We will have order!" and "You're a Keeper." Were you able to guess which book it was?

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